CONVO Season 3 Episode 4 Finding PAYLO Part 2: The Fortress Falls

Season 3
Episode 4
Finding PAYLO Part 2: The Fortress Falls


Sean: *On a phone call with Josh* Guys. No joke. I found this in Beaufort today. *Sends a picture of the names Paul and Josh carved into a sidewalk over text* The universe has expanded it’s interests.


Josh: Yeah um, that’s not happening.


Sean: Well, the names aren’t in a heart, they’re next to each other, as if we are both chosen ones.


Josh: What does this mean Sean?


Sean: Well, you can ask PAYLO when you meet him.


Josh: Well. Are your hackers here? Or are they hacking?


Sean: Oh, are you ready?


Josh: Yes.


Sean: Alright, I’m sending a B-17 instead, it’s a little older, but it’ll be better for stealth. It’ll be there in a few.


Josh: Ok good. I’m at my apartment. Get it done. *josh says in his phone as he puts a gun back together after taking the firing pin out*


*Meanwhile, at apartment*


*The loud whirring of a flying fortress becomes louder and louder until the plane lands on Josh’s street*

*Aboard the B-17, Josh finds about a dozen asians*


*after opening the side door and looking at the Asians josh hops in the front seat*


Josh: Here. I brought you a gun. Completely untraceable.


*the asians nod understandingly at Josh, but don’t say a word.*

*Sean isn’t flying the plane, rather, Josh sees a middle aged British man, with a huge mustache and WWII era pilot’s gear.*

Harris: Name’s Bomber Harris! Seanny boy couldn’t make it, said something about destiny or something! Glad to meet you old boy!


Josh: Destiny? Where is Sean now?


Harris: *yelling over the engine as the plane begins taking off* Wouldn’t say! Odd fellow, that one!


Josh: *under breath* you can say that again…

*calls Sean on phone, but phone doesn’t work as they are now climbing altitude in the plane. *


Josh: Crap. So you’re taking me to Nevada? That’s what Sean told you to do, yes?


Harris: Indeed I am old boy. I have orders to drop you all near area 51! Haha! Show the American feds who’s boss!

Josh: I’m jumping out of this piece of… Where’s my parachute? Haven’t done that in a while

Harris: In the back! You’ll be jumping out of the bomb-bay! Hahaha!


Josh: Okay… They speak English right? *points to the back seats*


Harris: The orients? I don’t believe so. Blasted idiots.


Josh: *yells at Koreans* Hey! Anyone of you speak English? *koreans stare in terror* Hello? Anyone? English at all. I’m talking to you!


Korean Hacker: *One korean stands up nervously and says in perfect english* I speak a little bit. I only just started learning last year. My name is Kim Nin-Jow. I am the leader of this team.


Josh: Hello, Kim. You mind handing me my parachute?


Kim Nin-Jow: *Seems relieved by Josh’s respect* Of course. *Throws Josh a parachute pack*


Josh: *straps it on*

*few hours later*


Harris: We’ll be there in a few hours, so feel free to take a- *is interrupted by sudden AA fire on the ship knocking the plane around*


Josh: What the– strap yourselves in!! *Yells at everyone* Kim tell them to strap up!


Harris: *perfectly calm voice* Well old boy, we’ve been hit, we’re going down.

*Kim yells orders in Korean*


Josh: What… Backup plan? Harris?!


Harris: Alright, I would suggest that we jump out.


Josh: What land are we over right now?


Harris: I believe we’re over Illinois right now. Everyone ready to jump?

*more flak hits the plans*

*harris is shot and is blown out the window*


Josh: Kim! Tell everyone to jump out with their parachutes!!!


Harris: *dies*

Kim: *yells more in korean*

*the koreans uniformly jump out the bomb bay*


Josh: Come on!!!! Go go!! *hits auto pilot and jumps out with duffle bag armoury*

*holding a random RPG as he jumps out*

*as Josh is falling he spots a jet shooting a mini gun at the fortress*


*the flying fortress explodes behind them as they parachute over the large fields of country illinois*

*the jet turns and heads straight for the survivors shooting wildly, killing a few koreans*


*aims RPG and fires at jet*


*the jet explodes in a great firework display*

Koreans: Oooooo.


Josh: Okay!!! Pull your parachutes!!!! *screams at the top of his lungs*


*parachutes are pulled. One Koreans parachute fails, as he falls the ground screaming.*


*Josh keeps falling as he tries to reach the falling Korean*


Falling Korean: AGHHGHGHGHGHFG!!!!!!!!!


*grabs Korean by torso and pulls the chute*


*the korean looks at Josh with a look of pure joy and love*


Josh: Hang in there, Masuka!


*Everyone lands safely in a giant corn field*


*Josh gets to his feet and looks around, making sure noone’s watching them*


*theres no sign of anyone besides the remaining Koreans and Josh*

Kim: *cutting off his parachute* What now?


Josh: *puts RPG back in duffle bag* Take your parachutes off. And follow me. We’re gonna try to find another plane, and if not, then a train.


*Kim comforts a few traumatized Koreans, but gets them moving*

Kim: Who attacked us?


Josh: And how the heck did we end up in Illinois? Why was Harris going Northish?


Kim: I dunno, Harris is odd. Or was. *looks dramatically into the sky*


*Josh looks to the side and notices Harris laying a few hundred feet away from them*


*runs over to Harris’s body and looks around his pockets to find anything that could give untold information*



*harris’ body is mangled and torn up, but his face is intact and he looks perfectly pleased like he was asleep and was having a good dream*



*finds a letter from Sean discussing the drop plan and Josh’s address. On the other side is the word ‘password’*


Josh: *Takes paper and runs over to Kim and grabs him by the shirt* You knew this?!?! *shoves paper in face*


Kim: KNEW WHAT?!?! *fearfully*


Josh: The password!


Kim: What?!?


Josh: *lets Kim look at the paper clearly*


Kim: I-I- What is this for?


Josh: *throws Kim on the ground and points a glock at his head* Sean knew the password! And he just had all of you for show.


Kim: I have no idea, I was sent to hack the teleporter terminals in area 51! *sobs*


Josh: *covers face* *puts gun back in holster under jacket and picks up duffle bag* I suggest going to an airport


Kim: What??


Josh: *walks away*


Kim: Don’t leave us!


Josh: *stops for a second. Then turns back and motions head forward*


Kim: *waves for his fellows to follow* So, what’s going on?


Josh: I’m not entirely sure yet.


Kim: What was that about a password?


Josh: Let’s just say that your part in this mission was unnecessary. You were just for show


Kim: What?! NO! So I don’t get to have my family come to America?!?


Josh: You talk to Sean about that.




Josh: *they all walk to a neighbourhood* *It’s a quiet little town with lots of overly friendly people*

*josh stares at an old Native American man sitting on a porch*

Josh: Is that yours? *points at a large van*

Native American man: The porch?


Josh: *points at a large van*


Native American Man: Oh. Yes. The ancestors have told me that I shall one day give this to white man and army of less white men.


Josh: *holds in a laugh* I’ll buy it from you.


Native American Man: It is not for sale. I will give it for free if you marry my Granddaughter, Little Fox. *Gestures at somehow previously unseen young woman, who looks like a white girl wearing a somewhat racist Native American feather headdress.*


Josh: *pulls out a fat stack of $1000 bills* How about this instead?


Native American Man: No. Little Fox needs white man.

Josh: Ok, you know what. I have a white friend who’s married every pretty girl he flirts with. I’ll give you his number if you let me pay you for the van.

*holds money and Sean’s phone number to Native American guy*


Native American Man: *the old man looks questioningly at Josh.* I would like to meet this man before I give you the van.


Josh: Ok. Hold on a second.

*Skypes Sean from iPhone*


Sean: JOSH! I heard you got shot out of the air! Are you okay?!


Josh: Yeah yeah. But I need to know something.


Sean: What?


Josh: Will you marry this chick? *Shows Sean Little Fox, who just is looking off into the distance dramatically*


Sean: Umm, I’d have to meet her, but Josh, what’s going on.?!?


Josh: Sean, just say out loud that you’ll marry her.


Sean: Wait, why?


Josh: Gah *hangs up* Fine. I’ll take her.


Native American Man: Fantastic! We’ll have ceremony tonight!


Josh: Um. What?


Native American Man: Marriage Ceremony! Tonight! At bonfire!


Josh: *face plants* Why not right now? I’m in a hurry. Let’s do it right now Marry us, sir.


Native American Man: Fire and spells must be done!


Josh: Then do the fire and spells. Ok, let’s just go in your backyard and do this.


Native American Man: We cannot rush the spirits. They get stressed out and then give us silent treatment.


Josh: Gah! Fine then can me and my friends have a place to stay?


Native American Man: Of course. You will share tent with Little Fox. Less white friends will sleep in my basement.


Josh: Okay. Show me my place, please.


Native American Man: You will see after wedding!


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