Myers Briggs: ENFJ Heroes and Villains

ENFJ Heroes and Villains

Heroes: The Inspirer: ENFJ heroes are rather common in fiction and in reality. This is due to ENFJs being naturally people focused and their strong ideals. ENFJs are naturally extremely charismatic who understand people and have a desire to have everyone happy, therefore, they are often the leaders of their team. They are very steadfast in their beliefs and rarely ever question their devotion, let alone give up or turn away. They believe in the goodness of all people, and will rarely work alone. A person of this type doesn’t necessarily lead by command, but would rather you truly believe in and understand why you are being told what to do, and will be willing to not lead if they respect the beliefs of the alternative, though they will be a major influence on everyone regardless. They are great teachers and mentors, and often guide and advise the other heroes, being a source of inspiration and wisdom, even if they don’t listen to this wisdom themselves. They are merciful, empathetic, and emotional to a fault, and will often show pity for villains or those who disagree with them, believing that they are just misguided. ENFJ heroes usually willingly throw themselves into conflict as to take care of others, lead those who are leaderless, and to make the world a better place. Their views are sometimes very idealistic though, wishing to see the good in everyone, even when there is very little, as well as being too harsh on themselves, expecting themselves to be perfect. They are often leaders of social movements, teachers, revolutionaries. Examples: Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Marco Rubio, Jean Gray (X-Men),   M. Gustave H. (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation), Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Ronald Reagan, Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter), Connor Saoirse (Day of Saoirse), Paul Sean Condon (CONVO).

Villains: The Cult Leader: ENFJ villains are rare in fiction due to the difficulty of creating one. In reality, this is a different story. ENFJs rarely ever naturally selfish or hateful, but are most often corrupted and/or seriously confused. The ENFJ’s desire to lead and their intense belief system are often their downfalls. They are willing to die for whatever they believe in, even if this belief is extremely wrong. Power corrupts all, especially ENFJs, who can begin to obsess over it and desire to control as many people as possible. They may truly believe what they are doing is right, or they may be hungry for more and more power, whatever the reason, ENFJs are dangerous villains. Brainwashing those who follow them, it is not enough for people to do what they command, but to truly believe it, making them cult leaders, dictators, and terrorists. They are extremely manipulative, knowing how people work, and exploiting the weaknesses of their enemy’s mind. An ENFJ villain’s greatest weapons are their words and their empathy. With their amazing abilities of speech they can manipulate their followers, inspire hatred and fear, and intimidate those who disagree into submission. With their empathy and understanding of people, they can practically read minds, think like their enemies, and figure out their weaknesses. ENFJ villains are most often destroyed by themselves, as they may realize they are wrong which would cause their world to collapse or they lose control due to obsession with power. Examples: Yasser Arafat, Joseph Goebbels, Prince Hans (Frozen), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Khan Noonien Singh (Star Trek), Jim Jones, Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Connor Saoirse (Day of Saoirse), Evil Stepmother (Cinderella), Leon Jameson (Our Freedom).


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