Myers-Briggs: ENTP Heroes and Villains

ENTP Heroes and Villains

Heroes: The Lovable Rogue: ENTP heroes are often some of the most fun characters in fictions and in reality, due to their cleverness, humor, and rebelliousness. Often snarky and charming, they’re generally loved by people, except for figures of authority or people competing for attention, which doesn’t matter to the ENTP, as they don’t have any love for authority anyway. They’re fine with being the leaders themselves though, using their charm, intelligence, and quick thinking to get people to see things their way. They don’t like being told what to do though, and while they do like working as a team, if they feel bossed around, they quickly go rogue and work alone. They’re often depicted as geniuses in films, but genius in a misunderstood way, as they can be mistaken for immature or prideful. Sometimes they are childish or arrogant, but this is also just their sense of fun. They’re contradicting and don’t like being confined in any manner, and are generally very odd in comparison to the rest of the world. They talk a lot though, seemingly overflowing with ideas that others may find incredibly ridiculous, but this out of the box thinking surprises people and adds to their genius. They may annoy the villain intentionally just for fun and are constantly joking even as they go through horrible situations. They will argue with almost everything somebody says in order to annoy, defy, or test them. Reverse psychology often is the trick to controlling an ENTP, but they’ll often manipulate back, jumping back and forth between sides, and then finally showing where he has stood the whole time. While their ingenuity, creativity, and sense of fun can be great qualities, they often use these to hide their sadness on the inside. They don’t often understand emotions well, and don’t like expressing them, thinking it makes them weak or controlled. Usually, the ENTP will open up to a love interest in the story, showing that they are a lot deeper than previously thought. They often start out avoiding close friendships or relationships, perhaps being a playboy or distant from other people, but will often inadvertently become close to someone. When they realize this is happening, they try to make themselves villainous so that the other person doesn’t get close and that the ENTP can remember who they think they are.  ENTPs are often honorable criminals, scientists, philosophers, scientists, and comedians due to their revolutionary ideas and charming wit. Examples: Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy), Dom Cobb (Inception), Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), Sirius Black (Harry Potter), Elizabeth Phoenix (Our Freedom)

Villains: The Insane Mastermind: ENTP villains are often some of the most terrifying villains due to their disregard for human life, unreasonableness, and above all their unpredictability. ENTPs are already brilliant and rebellious, but throw in a bit of mental illness, anger towards society, or even just sheer boredom, and you have a monster on your hands. They often experiment with humans, testing them psychologically and morally, just because it’s interesting, all done with a smile. If something interests the ENTP villain, they’ll just go ahead and try it, even if it is completely morally wrong. The small questions and ideas that other villains contemplate before they go to sleep at night, are elaborated and expanded on as soon as they pop into the ENTP’s head. Humans are often playthings to the ENTP who may see them as inferior, or perhaps worthless and boring like the rest of the world. There’s rarely ever negotiation with an ENTP villain, as they will defy you as soon as they sense any manipulation. No one expects what the ENTP villain will do next because their minds work so incredibly different than ‘normal’ people. ENTPs may have thugs or goons working for them, but in reality, they obviously work alone. Their mind is the center of their world, and their mind will not be controlled. Their greatest strength is their constant creation of unexpected ideas and plans, which they may or may not enact, but that doesn’t matter, as long as they’re coming up with ideas. They enjoy toying with the hero, seeing how far they’ll bend until they break, and may charm or manipulate them into doing things or convincing them that they’re better. The ENTP will never stop, so the best way to defeat them is to get rid of them, which many lawful heroes will have an incredibly difficult time doing. They may trip up themselves though, considering their restlessness and pride. ENTP villains are often mad scientists, criminal masterminds, or genocidal leaders. Examples: The Joker (Batman), Mao Zedong, Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog), Deadpool (Deadpool), Syndrome (The Incredibles), Raoul Silva (Skyfall),Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Jim Moriarty (Sherlock), Uk-Gun (Damik), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jeff Winger (Community),


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