Human Trials Beginning

(This was a book that I started many times in various ways, as I thought the idea was pretty cool. This was a version I began writing in 2014. Clearly I didn’t finish it, as I began writing Day of Saoirse, another great idea which I also did not finish.)

Human Trials: Shadows on the Wall

Chapter 1

Washington D.C., U.S.A

November 7, 2060


The circumstances leading up to the election of President Paul S. Census were quite unusual, even for a time in which unusual things were to be expected. First off, the very fact that an election took place after the Casey Rebellion, in which the American government had nearly been annihilated, astonished the rest of the world. Many countries didn’t expect the United States to recover even after capturing Saul Casey, the leader of an insane, neo-Nazi group of rebels who called themselves the Damikists.

In fact, Casey had even established his own regime in place of the American government after overpowering New York City. He was feared all over the world: he had organized the largest fascist force since World War 2, aroused 37% of the American people to fight alongside him, and had killed more people within a year than the German Nazi regime ever killed. He was a brilliant, cunning and brutal leader who could have destroyed almost anyone who got in his way. It certainly wasn’t an easy feat for Casey to gather together his army of followers, yet he could not have lived at a better time to lead a rebellion.

The United States’ power and economy had been on a steady decline for some time up until Saul Casey’s uprising. It’s been debated quite often as to what the origin of this descent was; many have suggested the 2017 War with Russia, others suggest the fall was already in progress many years before the Russian war or the twenty first century at all. And of course there were the conspiracy theorists who believed that the government purposely was declining so that they could set up a Fascist government. Whatever the cause, the point is, America was collapsing. Unemployment and homelessness were at an all-time high and the streets were filled with protests and riots. The rest of the world refused to get involved; the breaking of the United Nations had left the U.S.A with few allies and the rest of the world had a new conflict of their own they had to deal with: Prime Minister Neil Joffre of the United Kingdom was determined to recreate the once powerful empire that England had controlled three hundred years before. The President of the time had sworn not to get involved in order to deal with issues back at home. There had already been quite a few rebellions and battles between political parties before Casey arrived, and only the ignorant didn’t guess that someone like Casey would show up.

Saul Casey was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 2015 and grew up in Washington D.C. where he learned from his father (Reese Casey: The Secretary of State for President Michael Odin 2024-2032) the ways of politics and corruption.


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