CONVO Season 3 Episode 14 It’s Love Sean, Deal With It

Season 3
Episode 14
It’s Love Sean, Deal With It

*An ad for Al Gore for president 2016 plays. Al Gore appears on the screen, he seems to be doing some sort of blog.*

Al Gore: Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good day reducing your carbon footprints! I have great news! I have just received an endorsement from the glorious Kim Jong-Un.

*The camera cuts to Kim Jong-un waving to a large crowd, before taking off his trench coat to reveal an Al Gore 2016 t-shirt. Everyone cheers. The camera goes back to Gore.*

Al Gore: This is the highest profile endorsement we have received since I announced my campaign 16 years ago. I’m so glad to have him on board. Now we have many loyal North Korean Gore supporters campaigning for us.

*The camera shows a Korean woman holding a sign that says “Al Gore President 2008” under a sign that says “Run Al Run Gore2008”. Clearly the signs are a little outdated.*

Al Gore: Keep up the good work! Here is some recent news relating to the state of our great planet. Here’s some ice melting.

*Shot of ice melting on a table*

Al Gore: This is further proof that global warming exists. Also, check out these temperatures over a three day period.

*A chart with temperatures and dates are shown. Over the course of February 19-21, the temperatures go from 53-66-71.*

Al Gore: And global warming doesn’t exist? *Scoffs* Speaking of which: remember kids, polluting is bad for the environment…and Mr. Gore. Now time for ‘Electric Fan Talks’. This is the part of the show where I respond to some fan mail I receive. First up is from ‘The Ancap Girl A.K.A. Hitler’, who says “This is retarded. Is this satire?? Ah, never mind, this is satire. Good work.” What is satire, Ancap Girl? Hmm… anyway, next up is from Maeve Aitkin who says “That’s me.” She sent a picture of me with it. Umm, actually, that’s me, Ms. Aitkin. Identity theft is a crime. This last one is from Ray Dukes. He says: “You’re a &^%!.” That’s what your mom said to Al Gore last night! HA! *Al Gore looks pleased, as if this was genius.* Before I go, I want to respond to a common misconception that my plans would cause an energy crisis. I want those people to know that such things are false. *Gore stands up and adjusts the camera, so that the audience gets a good look at what he’s about to do.* Alas, I manifest light! *Al Gore screams and a floating ball of light appears and floats between his hands. Al Gore suddenly disappears.*

*The opening credits come on in the style of a news show. Josh is seen sunburned and a little loopy on a plane. Sean is sitting next to him.*
Josh: *Really high sounding* I hate it when you go outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you.


Sean: *Playing along* Life.
Josh: Man. Life and stuff. MmM.
Sean: *Sort of freaked out* Dude. SO true.


Josh: I mean I be like…*does an impression of Burt’s ‘argh’*.


Sean: Ugh, I know. And women? Pew…


Josh: *Fascinated my Sean’s ‘pew’* Peeeww. Pew pew. Pew.


Sean: *Angrily* PEW. PEW. PEWW…






Josh: LIKE YOU JUST BE LIKE *does an impression of Carl saying ‘chill’* Well anyways, I be goin bruh, watch about dem women.


Sean: UGH!! THEY BE STREESSSINNNSS ME OUT!! Dude. Watch yo back too, breh *Manly chest bump thing.*


Josh: *Peace sign kiss thing. Falls asleep on Sean’s shoulder.*

*A new news program comes on called ‘PSB News’. It seems to be run by Sean.*

Announcer: And now, for the news with your host, PAUL SEAN BOFADIL CONDON!

Sean: *Is wearing a suit and sitting in a spinny chair behind a large desk.* Hello and welcome everybody! We have a lot of big news here today to go through, so let’s just jump right into it. Al Gore has won the North Korean primary with 120% of the vote. *In the background, a picture of Kim Jong-un voting is projected* This is a huge win for Gore, and will definitely boost his campaign. Gore has also revealed his new campaign bus, which he calls ‘the Gore-mobile’. *A picture of a bus painted and structured to look like a pig shows up in the background.* This bus uses up significantly less gas as other vehicles by running only on snow. We believe he is using this bus to appeal to pig voters as well. He has recently stated that persons with absurd carbon footprints will be sent to a labor camp known as Millbrook High School if he becomes president. This is a pretty big claim, and we are not sure whether this will hurt or help his campaign, although after releasing this big claim, he received endorsements from multiple detainees at gitmo. We’re not exactly sure what this means. In other news, Gore is beginning to face competition in Madam Mocha Kolbe, a popular new candidate for the Republican Party. *A picture of a rather adorable dog appears on the screen behind him.* She is climbing the polls rapidly and may slow down Gore. We now have Gore on the line to discuss this with him. Hello Mr. Vice President, how are you today?
Al Gore:*On the phone* I’m doing fine, thank you.

Sean: So, let’s get to it, what’s your opinion on Mocha Kolbe?

Al Gore: Well, this potential nominee should be void, as the name did not appear in the North Korean primary.

Sean: Sorry Mr. Vice President, it clearly states in section IV, article XI of The Rules of the Primary, that a candidate may run even if they miss the North Korean primary, as long as they can make it of the South Korean one.

Al Gore: *Moving on* Has this hopeful ever consistently polled higher than Chafee? Gore has.

Sean: True, but Mocha is making her way up through the Republican polls and is a favorite of canine voters. *Al Gore hangs up* Mr. Vice President? Hello? Umm, helloooo?? Okee dokee then, it seems Mr. Gore has hung up in a hissy fit. Remember, if you desire to run, please announce your candidacy, it seems anyone can run this time around, so I hope to see you at the debates. One last story before we go. I have been turned down yet again by Alexis Baird. After begging for a good two hours straight, Alexis still said no to being my wife again. Lexis, I will ask again…please. *Starts sobbing* PLEASE! PLEEEAAAASEEE!!! I’LL DO ANYTHING!!!!!!*The camera goes black as the news organization clearly did not plan this.*

*Cyrus and Julie seem to be hanging out in Sean’s basement.*
Cyrus: Sup?


Julie: *Doesn’t answer. Crickets can be heard.*


Cyrus: All the time… You guys are super lame! Like for reals! We’re supposed to be best friends…

Sean: *Running downstairs* JULIE!!!


Julie: Hallo.



Cyrus: *Sits there awkwardly.*


Julie: I clearly missed something…


Cyrus: Yeah. Me too.

Sean: Here’s the deal: I need to settle down, find a wife, considering I have three kids and I’m on my own, and frankly you seemed like the best choice, also, I need a ninth wife. Because ninth time’s the charm, amirite? Anyway, umm, yeah.


Cyrus: You’re an idiot.


Julie: What even? I still think I missed something
Sean: Also, that kidnapping experience opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Julie: To what? I’m freaking confused.

Cyrus: Just say no. He’ll bounce back.


Julie: *To Sean* Um, no, I’m cool, thanks.


Cyrus: OOOOHHHHHHHH Dang! Rejected!



Cyrus: Pshhh, nah. Over it. And it’s Cyrus, not David.



Julie: *Extremely confused* Wattttttttt???

Sean: Alright, so that’s a no to marrying me? You wouldn’t have to do anything, just you know, be married to me. Also, if it makes you feel any better, most of my previous 8 wives divorced me, so don’t feel like I’ll like quit on you


Cyrus: So, you’re saying you have the power to say whether she “has to do anything”. You wanna own her? Rude.



Sean: David, nice try.


Cyrus: Cyrus.
Sean: I’m saying she shouldn’t feel obliged to do anything. Also, I’ll kidnap you whenever you want!!

Cyrus: Swell! She’s in. *Sarcasm.*


Julie: I feel like that’s the only upside though. Even that’s not that much of an upside. *She laughs.*
Sean: No, there’s other upsides, just name it.


Cyrus: Not having to marry you? Sorry, I meant not having to marry you?


Julie: Ooooohh shoot!

Sean: David! I don’t ruin your romantic gestures. Stop talking, I’m asking Julie, not you. I know you’re angry you can’t be with me, but, you’re GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.
Cyrus: Hey Jules.


Julie: Wattttt?


Cyrus: Will you marry me?


Julie:….Yes! Of course!


Cyrus: Sweet! Later Sean. We gotta go plan our wedding. *Cyrus smiles meanly as Julie and him walk upstairs, but Sean follows behind them. For some reason, Kyla is hanging out in the other room.*

Sean: Yeah, so I saw that coming…this is the worst… I can now say I’m a match maker though, which is pretty sweet.

Cyrus: You wanna be my best man?

Sean: Oh, but Best men are supposed to be friends of the groom.

Cyrus: Ooooohhh shoot! Okay then. I’ll ask Drax the Destroyer.

Sean: I’m still coming though, I love weddings


Julie: No beaches. Beaches suck.

Cyrus: Yeah. Agreed Babe.



Julie: Twenty One Pilots is gonna play at the reception.


Cyrus: SAME! And you can punch me in the face when Tear in my Heart is playing. It’ll be sweet. *Laughs*


Cyrus: What kind of cake?

Julie: Ohhhhh, chocolate. Probably. Unless we can get cookie dough cake.

Sean: I’d suggest angel and devil swirled together to symbolize your two personalities.

Julie: Wait who is the angel? *Laughs*

Sean: Certainly not David right now…
Cyrus: Anyways, agreed. You are the angel, Julie.


Julie: *Julie starts cracking up* Umm, nope. No, but should the bridesmaids be lavender or mint. I can’t decide.


Cyrus: Totes mint.

Sean: How about white like David’s dumb face?


Julie: I’m going to be wearing white, jerk. *Laughs*


Cyrus: How about the cake just be a joke? Like Sean.


Sean: *Trying to think of something clever* How about you wear a nose wig, like your butt? Or a fat suit to make yo mama proud.



Cyrus: Sense made. *Looks back at Julie* Honeymoon?


Julie: Ohh, somewhere in Europe


Cyrus: Italy. more maybe. but Italy


Sean: *Looks distressed that they may got to Italy.*


Cyrus: Pasta. Art museums. Other cool stuff.


Julie: France. Italy. Prague, that’s in the Czech Republic by the way..


Cyrus: Yaass…
Sean: *Very depressed* I know a nice honeymoon hotel in Venice…


Cyrus: What, do you have bombs rigged there or something?


Julie: Probably.

Sean: No, I actually don’t. I went there with Lexis the first time I got married to her

Cyrus: Sean, that’s exactly something someone who is mad at their (former apparently) friend, and is using bad insults, and has just suggested a hotel in Venice that has explosives rigged in it, would say.


Julie: *Moving on* Is the ceremony inside or outside?


Cyrus: What do you want hun?


Julie: Outside, to be honest. Because of Baylee, I get a ton of ideas on pinterest and I’m slowly getting more basic, halp!

Cyrus: Outside is great then. If not the beach, where though?
Sean: *Interrupting Julie* Well, it’s pretty basic to turn down the marriage request of the smart, skinny, sad guy, and instead marry the big, strong, jerk.


Cyrus: More like fat, loud, failure. Right… It’s love Sean, get over it.


Sean: I’m not fat, loud, or a failure. Well, maybe I am a failure. Turned down twice in one day.


Cyrus: I was talking about me. I’m not one for pointless insults. Wow. So, she was your rebound anyway?


Sean: David, such things are not true (maybe the loud part) but not the rest. I would never say actual insults to you BECAUSE YOU ARE MY FRIEND!! AND FRIENDS DON’T KRAMP OTHER FRIEND’S STYLE!!


Julie: Ooooohhhh shoot!


Cyrus: If you’re my friend, why did you turn down being my best man? You said it was because you were supposed to be my friend to do that, so you’re just contradicting yourself.


Sean: Because you don’t seem to want to be my friend, krampin/ my style after all.


Cyrus:  I do want to be your friend!

Sean: No, I’m making a point. Friends don’t betray each other.


Julie: Guys, come on.


Cyrus: Hm?


Julie: Just make up already, I need to pick a venue. *Laughs*


Cyrus: Love you, Sean. Me and Jules are in love. You can either deal with it or not, but its not gonna change so… I’m sorry but… either forgive me and accept it or leave.


Julie: Please, Sean? If not for him, for me?

Sean: *Quietly, with voice slightly cracking* It was never for you…or David….or even Lexis for that matter. It WAS ABOUT MY FAMILY!! ABOUT MY CHILDREN!!!


Julie: Sean, there’s someone out there for you. You just have to wait for it. Cyrus and I are lucky we met each other so young.


Cyrus: *Nonchalantly* Well, we can adopt a couple of ‘em if you want.


Sean: Well, you see, the girl I’m in love with is not allowed to marry me. And she loves me. But it can’t happen.


Julie: Why?

Sean: Because her parents be like “rah rah rah rah rah”.


Cyrus: What?

Sean: She and I once were married, our kids loved each other, we were happy. We had our ups and downs of course, but we were happy. And then it ended…just like that…over…


Cyrus: She was also my future wife but… that’s clearly off now, because no polygamy here.

Sean: I’ve been married 7 times since then, trying to fill the void that only she can fill, but now I’m realizing she’s in the other room right now and can hear me and I’m really uncomfortable now and embarrassed so I should probably just stop talking because I look like an idiot.


Julie: *Julie starts cracking up*


Cyrus: *Ignoring Sean* We still have more to plan, Jules.


Julie: You don’t even know, I’m on pinterest right now, like there’s so much to doooooo. When is the wedding?


Cyrus: What season we thinkin’?


Julie: Anytime in fall. Early, late, Halloween.


Cyrus: I was thinking the same thing!


Julie: Oh my Gosh, a Halloween wedding would be fricking cool,
like, I don’t want it, but still…


Cyrus: It’s not hot anymore and it’s pretty.


Julie: And no allergies!

Cyrus:  True! Don’t have to worry about that.

Sean: Oh, my birthday is in October.


Cyrus: Sean. Not everything is about you.


Julie: Kay, then I can get away with a dress with sleeves if I feel like it.


Cyrus: What?


Julie: Fall.


Cyrus: No, but was it a question?


Julie: I’m confused.


Cyrus: Was “I can get away with a dress with sleeves if I feel like it” a question?


Julie: Okay, ah, Freudian slips will be the death of me. No, I was saying it. Like sleeves are an option now.


Cyrus: Yeah, totally.


Julie: Babe, I’m totally stressing out! What else do we need to do!?! Wait did you even ask my parents?!?


Cyrus: No? Would you like me to do that now?


Julie: That would probably be a good idea.


Sean: Wow, look at all that stress, isn’t it great that ya’ll could still call it off…


Cyrus: Sean. It’s love. Get over it.


Kyla: *Entering the room* I feel slightly betrayed.


Sean: Kyla! Did you ummm maybe….uhh…..hear everything that was just said?


Cyrus: *Gives Kyla a long hug* I’m sorry, but… you’re not mad are you?


Kyla: Whatever. So typical of the white man.


Cyrus: Glad you understand.


Julie: Hey, you wanna be a bridesmaid?


Kyla: *Angrily* Do I want to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of my would-be future husband and his lady? *Suddenly not angry* Yeah, sure. Never been a bridesmaid before. *Walks out the door.*


Cyrus: Sweet! Won’t be awkward at all.


Sean: We should totally crash his wedding Kyla. Aaaand crap, I asked that out loud…

Cyrus: Wow Smooth.


Julie: Is it crashing if you’re invited?


Sean: It is if I move everything onto a giant truck and drive it OFF A BRIDGE!!!!!


Cyrus: Wow. Somebody is Smuckers.


Julie: Yo, you can’t just steal that from me. *Laughs*


Cyrus: Do you say that?


Julie: *Rolls her eyes*


Cyrus: What?


Sean: Uh oh…looks like a fight! And before your marriage too… Luckily, you still have time!


Cyrus: No. That was a playful eyeroll.


Julie: So much hate. You dismiss our love so quickly.


Cyrus: Yeah. Not a fight. Playfulness. So, get over it, Sean.


Sean: Aaaaaaannnddd you suck.


Cyrus: *does impression of Gus from Psych* Suck it Sean.



Cyrus: But yeah. So Sean you is Jealous.


Sean: I just wish Kyla and I could be together.


Cyrus: *Starts singing* “Used to play pretend…” But you can’t anymore. Do you “wish we could turn back time”?


Sean: No, I don’t have the strength to lose her again


Cyrus: *Sarcastically* Poor baby. That was rude. I’m deeply sorry. Forgive me. Or ignore me. Love you too.

*Sean runs outside.*

Sean: *Runs up to Josh and Kyla at a bar* Kyla! Josh! Anyone! I need a shoulder to cry on and speak of my woe to!


Kyla: Yo.


Sean: Kyla, do you love me???


Kyla: Duh.


Sean: And we’d still be married if we could?


Kyla: ‘Course.


Sean: Alright, good. I needed a little confidence boost today


Kyla: *Blows kiss*


Sean: Your opinion is one of the few that matters to me. Oh, how I wish I could just go on a grand adventure to talk to your parents about marrying you, and meet new friends, and eventually achieve my goal by just believing in the goodness of my friends, but alas, your parents aren’t PAYLO. They’re your parents.


Kyla: Yeah. *Looks sad*


Sean: You’d say yes if I did that, right?


Josh: What if you asked PAYLO to make her parents both 15 years old.


Sean: That might actu- wait, no, that wouldn’t work. *Sadly* Goodnight, I’m going to drink a lot of lemonade, gat really depressed, watch an entire season of Portlandia, and fall asleep on a couch. *Leaves.*

*Another presidential candidate blog video comes on, this time for Madam Mocha Kolbe, the talking dog running for Republican nominee. She’s sitting on a couch, looking adorably at the camera.*
Mocha: Hello my friends, it’s me, Madam Mocha. Today was a special day. I am happy to announce that Sarah King has been welcomed onto Team Mocha as our Media Specialist. Welcome aboard, my friend. Why don’t you come out in front of the camera and say hi.

Sarah: *A small, blond woman with glasses peeks in for a second.* It’s a great honor, Madam Mocha. I’m excited for our great future working together. *Jumps back behind the camera again.*


Mocha: Sarah, we do have a great future ahead of us. And we shall be a great team, with your help. I also would like to send my thanks out to my faithful bodyguard, Sydney. She’s not just a protector, but a dear friend. *Another dog peeks in and says hello. Mocha looks out the window dramatically for a moment* Sometimes I just sit here and think about the possibility of a great future. *Awaking herself from her reverie* Anyway! I took a private tour of Donald Trump’s jet today. Hope to get my own soon. I can’t wait to visit all my supporters. In other news, today, my campaign advisors, Ashland and Kevin Kolbe gave me a luxury bath. I feel like a new dog. I am now ready for my visit to Australia next week! I hope to see all my faithful supporters there. I love you all! Remember, the future could be bright my friends! *The vlog ends*

*Josh, Sean, and Nate are having a sleepover and called Lexis on the phone. While Sean is in the bathroom, Jasper snuck in and is asking questions on the phone as well as to Nate and Josh.*


Jasper: 1. Is Lexi 21 years old? 2. Who IS Lexi? 3. Who Is Namoo?




Alexis: *Over the phone* No, I’m 17.


Nate: Hush hush. *Hides in his closet.*
Jasper: Hm it says you were born in 1995 on your profile here… No matter, I am Jasper the Terrible, if you didn’t know. I have no idea who you are.


Alexis: That’s intimidating.


Jasper: Sean. Not me. Sean has no social skills. I’m surprised I was even his friend.


Alexis: How do you know him?


Jasper: He comes up to me at a  party and says: ” Hey Jasper! You can be our new Jasper!”  I’m completely confused as he walks me around and introduces me as Jasper to everyone, and then I leave and don’t see him or his group again until this camping trip where by a chance meeting we eventually find out that he called me Jasper and it just stuck. But then we became arch enemies, but that’s a long story. I don’t know.


Alexis: Sounds like him, haha, you mean the camping trip last year?


Nate: Mm.


Jasper: No, 2 years ago, I think.


Josh: Mm.

*Sean returns to find Jasper in the room.*


Sean: Oh. *Shoots Jasper with a tranquilizer dart before Jasper can shoot him.*

Alexis: Oh, because I went last year and don’t remember you. *Jasper obviously doesn’t respond, as he is out cold on the floor.*

*Everyone sits around awkwardly. A few days later, Kyla and Sean stand over Josh’s comatose body inside of a pristine underground military base.*


Sean: Josh, wake up. Josh, wake up! Kyla, he won’t wake up.


Kyla: *Kyla is crying.*


Sean: Do you think poking on his face more will work? *Pokes face.*


Kyla: A lil more.


Sean: *Pokes face swiftly.*


Kyla: Hm. Some water, like in cartoons?


Sean: This is stressful. What do we do? He hasn’t opened his eyes since he fell asleep at

Nate’s the other night.


Kyla: Hm. Was he.. ya know.. *whispers* drugged?


Sean: I dunno, I didn’t see any while I was there, and if there were, I’m disappointed in them for not offering me any. Sure, I would’ve just taken them and thrown them away, but still, I’m their friend.


Kyla: Maybe not. Friends offer friends drugs.


Sean: This is a true fact. Or have interventions, but considering I’m in the minority here, it would be more of the offering drugs thing.

*Kyla leaves after waiting a little while more.*


Josh: *Grabs Sean’s neck, then throws up a gallon of orange foam in his face.*


Sean: WOAH!


Josh: That hurt!


Sean: It smells like peppers..


Josh: *At the same time as Sean* Smells like pepper…


Sean: *Realizing what’s going on* HEY! Josh is awake! I’m only going to ask this once, was it drubz? KYLA! JOSH WOKE UP! WHERE’S YOU GO KYLA?


Josh: *wipes foam from mouth* What was that?


Sean: I dunno. That’s why I was asking you.


Josh: Woah, heh. Kyla was here?? How could you do that to me? Also you better not let David near her.


Sean: Well, you had to see her again eventually, you couldn’t just avoid her. And David and her talked the other day. Apparently Kyla’s going to be a bridesmaid at his wedding.


Josh: His wedding? Who’s he marrying?


Sean: I thought I told you, Julie. Or did you forget that because of lord knows what was in your system.


Josh: Oh hah. As in the Julie that denied you?

Sean: Yes. I don’t want to talk about it.

Josh:  But anyways where are we?


Sean: Oh, we’re inside Lost Hills Military Base. The Brotherhood of Steel were letting me chill out here until you got better, we were going to investigate Los Angeles some more so that we could find Grummond.


Josh: What happened? All I remember is that I was riding on a motorcycle in the desert.


Sean: You don’t remember anything? Nothing at all?


Josh: No I was just riding in the cool air… Next thing I know I’m throwing up orange foam.


Sean: Well, you got back, after like a day. We decided to go back to Raliegh to meet up with our allies again, and we discussed, but we didn’t really learn anything, than we went about living our normal lives, I got turned down twice in a day, the Fernando squad met up and fought a few spies we thought were working for Grummond, didn’t learn anything, then we called Kinsley and Lexis, who were basically useless, then you got a new sword and fought a murderer, committer of the fancy crime, and then you passed out on Nate’s bed. I got some info that Grummmond was sighted here, so I brought you, trying to wake you up, as well as a few other people, but they’re currently in Los Angeles, investigating. Kyla came as soon as she heard you were unconscious. She seems to care about you. But she keeps asking about the details of your condition for some reason. You passed out early yesterday morning.


Josh: Well obviously more than alcohol. I coughed up that orange stuff.


Sean: Yeah, you didn’t drink anything that night. At least that I saw.




Sean: What? When?


Josh: Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe the ice cream? Don’t know. Wait, where did you find me? Exactly where did you see me after we escaped?


Sean: From the Raiders?


Josh: Yeah.


Sean: Well, you were ridiculously sunburned, and dehydrated and you were practically dragging yourself into Shady Sands because your motorcycle ran out of gas.


Josh: Where’s my duffle bag?


Sean: Disappeared.


Josh: *Grabs Sean’s neck* WHAT?!?!


Sean: I dunno, you were crying about it when you came into town, and made me waste my time looking all over the desert for it.


Josh: GAH! I need to go to my house for replacements. Are we in NC?


Sean: No, California. Like I said, we’re investigating Los Angeles.


Josh: Where is everyone?


Sean: Kyla is wandering around the base I guess. LF, Batman, and Nate are in LA. David is back in NC planning the wedding. Gary is looking for Tim.


Josh: What about Burt? And Gary?


Sean: Burt is with Gary. Looking for Tim. No idea where they are.


Josh: Something happened to me in the desert. It made me cough up orange foam.


Sean: That was a week ago though. Maybe it was the ice cream?


Josh: Maybe it takes time to take effect.


Sean: I dunno. Like I said, Kyla seemed very interested in your condition.


Josh: Hm. Where is Kyla?


Sean: Like I said, probably wandering the base. She was here just before you woke up.


Josh: Let’s go find her. Maybe she has a theory about what happened in the desert.

*End scene*



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